Certificate ISO 9001:2009

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Aluminium ladders

GK TIMLER Company, after few years of distributing ladders and being sales representative for many national and foreign companies, start own production of domestic and professional aluminium ladders.

We produce them in our factory in Wroclaw and also in co-operation. For its production we use the best construction materials, mainly light alloys of aluminium. Our ladders are durable, comfortable in operation and transport. They have rigid and heavy-duty construction. They are very stable. They all meet high requirements according to PN-EN 131.

Our quality confirm received certificate ISO 9001:2009.

We have high range of ladders in our warehouse. For small extra payment we can deliver them to the client.

We also realize individual orders for special ladders such as: roof ladders, hatch ladders, stationary ladders, unfold ladders, movable ladder and many others.

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